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Every time I glance out and see
Another who looks like you,
I close my eyes to picture
A you before, once warm and true.

Remember those times we spent?
Laughter complimented with a smile.
Times have changed much from when
Things were actually worth while.

Yesterday I dreamt, today I dream as well
Of when I gave you my love.
Yet while I continued on ahead,
You went to the heavens above.

Destiny took you away,
But not this bond of ours.
Memories flood my mind,
As I now stare at the stars.

Changes have occurred since then,
I have matured, being not as wild.
You witnessed my change once before
Growing up with me as a child.

You would be so happy. Oh, so proud!
My scars no longer in pain,
As I carry on with my life,
In my heart is your honoured name.
An old poem that I wrote a while ago...
Dedicated to my lovely Pomeranian that has passed away :heart:

I was actually going to try out my new camera and take a few pictures of a collage that I planned on making...until my printer died on me :iconcryforeverplz: Will get to that as soon as possible :iconheaddeskplz:

I'm sorry it's a week late this year Mandy, but so much has been going on. I promise I've never forgotten about you (had a dream about you an exact 10 days before the anniversary too!) Hope you're having fun chasing those squirrels in heaven :iconlaplz:

Memories :iconshikanomoide:
Photo credits to Jon.C
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February 5, 2012
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